Realised you’re gone.
    You’re far away from here.
    I feel in my soul
    an emptiness inside,mem’ry of you
    surrounding me,
    picture of you
    looking in my eyes.
    You shine like a star from the sky.

You are far away, I cannot touch you,
far away, I cannot kiss you, far away,
I just feel you close to my heart.

I don’t need no one
who talks about the sense of pain.
The only sermon I want
shall be on our wedding day.

I need you more than I ever knew.
I’m out of breath until I breathe with you.
I’ll run to you.

You are far away
yet I feel you close to my heart.
I will touch you.
I will kiss you.
Yet I feel you close
deep in my heart.

Copyright by Stefan Scharring
(Words, Music, Picture)

    Far away

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