Awake on a foggy day
Some dreams left in dust
Some still on their way
You're still by my side
But you fade with ev'ry tear
A shadow is left vague and cold
Once your heart was near

I reach out for you but your kiss will
leave my lips untouched
Someone who's in your mind was in your eyes
Far in disguise
In your eyes I would see heaven blue without you

I still feel the fire in my heart,
I long for your sweet touch
Kisses in moonlight promised so much
But now at dawn
All you say is
Well, do not hold out any hopes for me.
I don't feel the same.

I am awake
Placing tears in line
You go for your love
I'd rather be
To be or be not
To be do be do do do do
Too late to be with you

Copyright by Stefan Scharring
(Words, Music, Picture)


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